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Do you want to re-connect with your spouse ... but don't have the time, money
and energy to attend a weekend retreat or get out on routine date nights?

Then our NEW Fan the Flame Dates are for you!!  Enjoy a fun pre-planned date
in the privacy of your home ... or anywhere you are connected to the internet.

Simply go to www.fantheflamedates.com to check them out.  They are FREE!!!

Marriage Intensives

    - Helping Couples rekindle the fire of their marriages.

Our marriage intensives are more than a couple’s weekend retreat. They are intimate, personalized coaching sessions designed to help you identify and address your specific needs. Intensives are more powerful than one hour counseling sessions because they keep you both focused on your issues for an extended period of time. You will receive over 15 hours of personalized counseling, coaching and marriage building exercises that will fan the flame of your marriage back to life.

Click here for more information or to schedule a Marriage Intensive now!

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