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Marriage Ministry

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House on the Rock's  Marriage Seminars are filled with lots of practical application.  Dr. Bruce believes, "we do not need to know more of what to do ... we need to do more of what we know!"    Our "Knee to Knee, Nose to Nose" times give couples a chance to reflect and talk about the material presented at the seminar and continually tell us it is the most powerful time of transformation in their marriage.

Title: What is the "State of Your Union"

Every year our President is required to present us with the State of the Union address.  After some political jargon we hear and celebrate what we are doing well ... we learn what threats may be lurking in our future ... and what our plans are for eliminating them.

House on the Rock’s: What’s the State of Your Union? retreat will guide you through an assessment of the state of your marital union. What are you doing well?  What areas need some work?  What are the threats to your marriage and what can you do to neutralize them?

Title: Back {to} Naked

Genesis talks about Adam and Eve being "naked and unashamed" in their marriage.  We take that to mean they had total and complete intimacy from an emotional, physical and spiritual standpoint.  After the fall ... that all changed.  During this seminar you'll look at the three areas of intimacy - emotional, physical and spiritual and see how you can work on getting "Back {to} Naked" in your marriage!

Click here to hear what one couple had to share about the weekend.

Title: Seasons of Marriage

Based on Norm Wright's Season's of a Marriage and Minirth's Passage of Marriage, this seminar overviews the 5 seasons of marital love.

Title: Loving Your Spouse Like Jesus Christ Loves His Bride

Ephesians 5 is often misunderstood and mishandled ... Dr. Bruce makes the meaning very clear in this presentation.  Husbands and wives are to love each other as Jesus Christ loves His Bride -- the Church.  This study examines the 6 characteristics of the love Jesus has for His Bride and draws applications for marriages.  This is an excellent keynote or stand alone presentation.

Title: How Do You Say I Love You?  8 Love Languages ... Which one do you speak?

Based on Judson Swihart's book by the same title, this 2 part seminar surveys 8 languages of love.  It also offers lots of "knee to knee -- nose to nose" time for couples to discuss their love languages.   Always a winner at our marriage seminars and weekends.

Title: 4 Laws of Marriage

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Title: We Go Around in Circles

Based on Eggerich's best seller Love and Respect this event overviews the three "cycles" of marriage: The Crazy Cycle, she needs love and he wants respect and we're not doing those well. The Energizing Cycle will unpack how she feels loved and he feels respected. And the Rewarding Cycle helps us understand the ultimate reason we work at loving and respecting our spouses. This event promotes a lot of good interaction between couples!

Title: What We Have Here...Is an Opportunity to Communicate!

What couple hasn't struggled with their communication to each other at one point or another?  This workshop looks a 3 Godly qualities of good communication and the 1 main obstacle to it.  Practical ways that couples can improve their communication are offered and (of course) couples will be given ample time to "communicate" with each other!

Title: Weaving Your Cord

Many couples list spiritual intimacy as the top need in their marriage.  This presentation helps get them started on the road to a deeper walk with God as we look at the topic of prayer and why couples need to be praying together.  Practical suggestions on how couples can make steps to increasing and improving their prayer life are offered.  The workshop ends with an opportunity for couples to put what they learned into practice right away!

Title: Making Deposits into your Spouse's Emotional Bank

All of us have an emotional bank. We either feel loved and secure, or unloved and insecure. We strengthen our marriages by making regular deposits into our spouses' emotional banks. This event overviews 8 powerful deposits: love languages, encouragement, promises, oneness, spending time, integrity, touch, and spiritual connection that we can make into one another's banks. Couples will enjoy some great knee to knee discussions around these topics.

Title: Two Worlds, One Family

"...and they will become one flesh"  For many couples achieving the "oneness" of marriage that is described in the Bible is a difficult challenge because they spend so much of their time in two very different worlds - one at home, the other at work.  "Two Words One Family" discusses the challenges of being a stay-at-home parent from a guy’s perspective and how the working parent and stay-at-home parent can and must support each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Title: Reclaiming Intimacy

God created marriage as an unbreakable covenant relationship a man and a woman.  This union not only reflects the image of God, it is a mirror into the relationship that exists between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Paul wasn't kidding when he said it was a mystery!

“Reclaiming Intimacy” focuses on the three foundational intimacies: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Couples will learn what intimacy is and what it looks like! Time will be given to talk about the condition of these intimacies in your marriage and to plans as to how you can continue to "reclaim intimacy".

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